Donnie Appleseed Orchard

Donnie Appleseed APPLE Orchard Varieties

  • ​One of the first red apples of fall
  • Sweet-tart taste with a firm texture
  • Light red stripes over yellow or deep red
  • Best for fresh eating and cooking
  • Sweet aromatic flavor
  • Best for fresh eating, salads, baking, and great for applesauce
  • ​Popular in America since 1811
  • Sweet mild flavor
  • Best for eating fresh, applesauce, and salads
  • Great for apple crisps and pies
  • Very sweet and aromatic
  • Great for fresh eating and juice (very juicy apple)
  • Best for pies, crisps, and baking
  • It has a red color with moderately conspicuous dots
  • Very crisp and juicy with a tart flavor
  • Good for fresh eating, cooking, and is an excellent choice for pies
  • Most popular apple on the planet

  • Best for fresh eating, salads, and great for a base for applesauce

  • This apple has to be tried orchard fresh to truly appreciate its great taste, don't compare it to a store bought apple

  • Firm white flesh
  • Rich mild flavor when cooked or baked
  • Best for salads and when used for a blend when making applesauce
  • Medium-sized waxy coated modern yellow apple with a pink blush
  • Cross between a Jonathon and a Golden Delicious
  • Firm flesh with flavor like a Golden Delicious but tarter
  • Keeps well
  • Rich red color with white flesh
  • Sweet with a burst of flavor when bitten
  • Best for eating fresh
  • Very sweet, aromatic flavor
  • Yellow-green with red stripes
  • Best for salads, applesauc,e and baking
  • Very tart
  • Late season apple
  • All-purpose apple
  • Great for fresh eating, carmel apples, and salads
Arkansas Black
  • A medium to large apple
  • Dark purple to almost black (hence the name)
  • Very very hard texture and an excellent keeper (some say up to 6 months in the refrigerator)
  • Great for baking
  • Late season (end of October beginning of November)